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Local Phone Service

Business Local Services

Our business local telephone services is supplied by a variety of carriers depending upon the location of your business and the particular product you need. We are consultants and represent you in selecting the right supplier. Whether it is basic line service, trunks, digital access service, PRIs, integrated access or dedicated services, we have a plan for you!!

Need more that 8 lines, integrated access, PRI or T-1 local services? We have line products starting at just $24.95 a month or PRI/T-1 products starting at just $448 a month. To get more information, Click Here.

If you have 10 lines or less, are currently on a carrier other that AT&T and want to come back to the reliability of AT&T, Click Here.

Residential Local Services

Residential local services are available in multiple packages. Our Standard Plan is for locations that already have existing service and starts at just $14.95 a month. The second is the Pre-Paid Plan for those customers who have no credit or need a second chance in establishing service. Credit card required.
Long Distance

Switched Long Distance Services

If you utilize standard local telephone lines to access your long distance service, have existing lines, trunks or PRI service and want long distance starting at just 2.98¢ a minute, Click Here.

Dedicated Long Distance Services

If you spend more than $1,000 a month in long distance and/or toll free services and want to save money, our special dedicated long distance services can start at just 1.29¢ a minute, Click Here.

Carrier/Wholesale LD Termination

If you use more that 500,000 minutes of long distance per month, we have wholesale rate plans that can same you big and move your business to the next level. To get more information, Click Here.

Unlimited Long Distance

Would you like to have unlimited domestic long distance calling from your regular phone? Our plan starts at just $9.99 a month and no high speed Internet is required. To get more information, Click Here.

High Speed Data

DSL Service For Home and Office

Our DSL offerings provide you home and office with the fastest Internet speeds at prices starting at just $14.99 a month for residential and $26.99 for business. To get more information, Click Here

High Speed Dedicated Internet

If you can not get DSL access, you are building a data network using VPN, opening a business that requires high speed connections that cannot be down, or just want faster speed than DSL, dedicated Internet service may be the answer. To get info on plans starting at just $399 a month, Click Here

Data Networking

Need to build a WAN data network using point to points or VPN? Are you building an MPLS data network for multiple locations? . If the answer to either question is yes, we have a number of providers that can supply you with the highest quality network at an affordable price. To get more info, Click Here

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