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Carrier Access & Long Distance Termination

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As Authorized Sales Agents of Broadwing/Level3, XO Communications, Verizon, AT&T and many others, we can help you make sense of all the carrier access and long distance termination hype and save a lot money in the process.

We provide both VOIP and TDM access and termination products depending upon you capabilities and needs. Need DID numbers or wholesale termination in a market? We can help!!

In fact, we currently have a large number of on-net markets and can provide VoIP/SIP termination in these markets for as little as $0.00188 per minute.

We also have outstanding rates for dialer customers with stats of at lease 40 second ACD and 35% ASR.

We currently have a flat rated unrestricted US termination product at $0.0145.

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If you would like to test our network you can do so by filling out our Interop Request Form
We also charge an Interop Test Fee of $100.

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